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Where is Saratov? I had to answer this question during the last weeks on occasion. Saratov, at least one million citizens, located in Russia, approx. 850 kms southeast from Moscow on the about 3 km wide Volga and is the capital of the Volga region, which is almost half as big like Germany. A trip to Russia still appears like a big adventure, especially as an individual trip, accordingly were also the reactions. From not understanding to you are a right hero everything was present. Here now a not completely seriously meant report with my experiences and tips, with many interesting links and pictures, which should show that it is no more so big adventure, sometimes apart from some unimportant little things.

You find under Visas and Flight all information about the journey itself and under Hotel, Currency and Other Information for your stay. By a click with the mouse you can load to all pictures big versions which have approx. 100 KB. There are further picture sites with the subjects Saratov at Night, The Churches, The Bridge, The Statue and the Monument. All pictures were done by me with Olympus Camedia C-750 Ultra Zoom with which I am very satisfied, there will be probably soon a test review. The pictures were worked on only in cutting and size and are in the original width 2288 pixels to 1712 pixels.

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Published 02/27/2004
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