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Saratov Visa and Flight

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All considerations with a trip to Russia start with the visa. The
Airport Saratov
Airport Saratov
embassy offers here already something in information. For the journey there are direct flights to Germany!! At the moment, only from Hannover, on Saturday and also only all 2 weeks. These flights are carried out by Saravia Airlines. At least five purposes, Yerevan, Moscow, Surgut, Khudzhand and Hannover with at least 20 flights per week stand on the flight schedule of the airport of Saratov. Under Contact information you will find the number of the office in Hannover, here you can book comfortably by phone. The tickets come with mail and can be paid by bank transfer. Aeroservice GmhH (Tel. +49 (0) 511-9772855) also offers a visas service. For 75 euros you get within about 3 weeks visas without any problem. You need of course a passport, the completed visa form, a passport photograph and if available a foreign health insurance. You find a list of the accepted societies on the side of the embassy. Otherwise you need for the visas an invitation or a confirmation of a travel agency what was not possible at the hotels.

Because I wanted to stay only one week, I flew with Germania Express from Munich to Moscow Domodedovo with a Fokker for 111 Euros and than from Moscow with Saravia Airlines further to Saratov. The airport Domodedovo in Moscow is a quite generous and modern airport with a comfortable waiting hall with restaurants and shops. Do not exchange with the exchange offices in the arrival place, go to the first floor and completely at the right
Hotel Volga with German Consulat General
Hotel Volga with German Consulat General
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end of the gallery, here you get a course better about more than 200 roubles. The entry procedure turned out very unproblematic. You fill an entry form, you deliver a part to the entry, you keep the other up to crossing the border. At the hotel you get a confirmation about the stay which you need with the crossing the border. If you live privately, you must announce themselves at an agency in Moscow by telephone.

Now we come at the first unusual moments of my trip, the flight of Moscow to Saratov. Already when I got, it was clear to me that this was the oldest plane with I have ever had flown. The pad relations wore out and in different colors, the seats were down, the toilet is like an earth closet. I sat in the last row, directly beside 3 turbines which are fastened with this Yak-42 behind to the cabin and they were sometimes already very noisy, from the announcements I have heard nothing, but I think I would not have understood anyhow. I think this is not even a possibility for people with flight fear. Indeed, I must say that the flights ran without any problems, there was good and plentiful food aboard (with Germania Express there was nothing at all) and the landings were the softest ones I might ever see, the applause was entitled. I would fly at any time again with Saravian Airlines. For all the others there is also a train connection of 48 hour of Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder to Saratov, by the way, the longest train run of Germany.

The arrival was the next interesting moment. The airplane has in the rear his own stair, where you can leave the airplane. A very new bus waited for us, it was already dark and I held a look out after the airport building, nothing to see. After a short journey we were set down in the darkness before unlit houses, I followed the others and we went in the darkness
Unusual Arrival Airport Saratov
Unusual Arrival Airport Saratov
between 2 dwelling houses to a small metal door (see picture). Outside taxi drivers stood in rows and did offer their services and to me was clearly now I have left the airport, but where is my baggage? It resolved very fast, a few meters further back in the building my suitcase turned there already his rounds, then with the abandonment the slip of paper fixed to the suitcase is compared to the one I has received with the Checkin. You should keep all ticket parts. This was absolutely the most unusual arrival of my life.

Then the return flight was the direct flight Saratov to Hannover. You must be 3 hours before takeoff at the airport and after the first Checkin there is no way back, finish your goodbyes already before checkin. Then shortly after, the bus brings you to the real terminal in which then a real stamp orgy takes place. But also no problems acure with the crossing the border.

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