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The travelling in foreign countries is one of my Hobbies. On this site you see a small list. The separate countries will provide in next time with links which branch out to reports and photos. This reports should be an information, should interest you to one or another location, should help you with your planning or should make only a little bit fun to you.

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April 1990 1 Week Berlin West-Berlin, East-Berlin, DDR-Transit
May 1990 1 Week Berlin West-Berlin, East-Berlin, DDR-Transit
December 1995/ January 1996 2 weeks Teneriffa (Canari Islands) Santa Cruz, Las Americas, Puerto de La Cruz, La Gomera
January 1997 20 days USA / Florida Miami, Orlando, Daytona, Cape Caneveral, Fort Meyers, Everglades, Key West
November 1997 2 weeks Tunesia Port El Kantoui, Tunis, Sahara
May / June 1998 6 days Croatia Rab
December 1998 / January 1999 2 weeks Venezuela Isla Margerita
September / October 1999 18 days USA (West) Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Durango, Natural Bridges, Canyon Lands, Capital Reef, Death Valley, Sequoia, Yosemiter Park, San Francisco, Monterrey, Los Angeles
June 2000 6 days Croatia Rab
May / June 2001 6 days Croatia Rab
Ausgust 2001 2 weeks Baltic States Lituania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Kursiu Nerija, Hill of Crosses), Estonia (Tartu, Tallin, Saarema, Pärnu), Helsinki, Latvia (Riga)
August 2002 1 week Luxemburg Luxemburg, Esch, Rummelange
May 2003 1 weekend Ukraine Kiev
August 2003 6 days Poland Warshawa
December 2003 1 week Russia Saratov
September 2004 3 days Prague, Czech Republic Prague
September 2005 2 days Prague, Czech Republic Prague

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