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Arrived in Riga, with the unexpectedly big stream Daugava, we wanted to check in at the hotel. Already from the guide we knew, that it is not so easy to walk in the old part of the town of Riga. Arround old town are barriers and the entry by car costs approx. 15 DM / per hour!! Although we had a hotel reservation, we had to wait outdoor by the car, one of us went to the hotel, got there a ticket, came back, with the ticket we can pass to the hotel parking lot which also costs of course. While checking out a hotel employee comes along, we leaves out and then goes back to the hotel. A little bit long-winded was our opinion to this system. We spent the night at the hotel Konventhof, quite, fully with bus tourists, but usually good quality.

Because we came on our tour twice to Riga, was at first only spend the night announced and the next morning we went to direction Valga/Tartu. On the way we did a visit in a very extensive animal and traveling park (Gaujas Nacionala parka) close to Sigulda. When we departure we use a small sand street and came, at the end to a small, hand-pursued wooden ferry, about an only insignificantly bigger river. On this river crossing we were the only passengers, an experience.
Black Head House
In the border place Valga, or better before it, you should pay attention to the fact, that the street turns to the border to the left direction. This comes relatively suddenly. Because my map scout held just his postafter-lunch sleep, we did a small city tour which brought nothing really worth seeing, except a border crossing only for pedestrians. Finally, on the border we were in position nine in the queue. At least does not get rid here much, we thought. Our euphoria fast vanished when we saw how slowly the processing of the queue went before itself. Then after good three quarters of an hour we had done it. And we went further to Tartu/Estonia

Youth style 1 Youth style 2
Youth style
  Back from Estonia along the coast we went again to Riga in the hotel Konventhof. At first we visited a cemetery with memorial to the 1th world war, then we looked wonderful Youth style houses in the Alberta Ilea to the north of the old part of the town. The next morning we went to the concentration camp memorial Salaspils. This lies in the south and is to be found a little bit hard what is called we had got lost once again. If you drive on the A6 to direction Salaspils/Jekabpils when they are the exits to Salaspils, you are too far, then turn round and go again in the direction of Riga. If you have let the last houses of Salaspils behind yourselves, an insignificant fork, something else comes on the right to the wood about a level crossing, voila. We were all of the conviction that it is not to be found of Riga next. However we were rewarded, some several meters high statues, outlines of concentration camp buildings, an exhibit in a building arranged as a bridge and an endlessly ticking Metronome are to be seen. Then we went to the castle round ale in the south close to Eleja. In the afternoon back in Riga town inspection was announced and there is really something to see. Anyway are to be recommended the Statue of Liberty which we could examine with changing of the guard, and the surrounding park, black head house, powder tower, the cathedral and the shore of the Daugava with the bridges.
KZ-Memorial Salaspils KZ-Memorial Salaspils
Behind this walls the earth cries
KZ-Memorial Salaspils

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