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Portrait Juergen Liebenstein

Deutsche Version

Portrait Jürgen Liebenstein
Name Juergen Liebenstein (translating engine says 'Dear stone' to my last name, I think 'Lovingstone' matches better)
Born 1962 in Munich / Bavaria
Zodiak sign Aries
City Landshut / Lower Bavaria
Parents Ingrid Liebenstein, birth name Bendzko, born 1935, Meat qualified shop-assistant, died 1977
Franz Ernst Liebenstein, born 1925, warehouse manager, died 1976
Guardian since 1977 my grandparents Mrs. Ella Bieber, birth name Hammel, born 1915, died 1991
and Mr. Kurt Bieber, born 1923, died 1983 have been my guardian

Portrait Jürgen Liebenstein
1968-1972 Farinelli Grundschule in Munich (elementary school)
1972-1975 Gisela Gymnasium Munich (secondary school)
1975-1976 Hermann-Frieb-Realschule Munich (junior high school)
1976-1979 Staatliche Realschule Vilsbiburg (junior high school)
1979-1981 Education as textile engines guide/refinement Firma Gebr. Seiler Vilsbiburg
1981-1982 Education as textile refinement/dyeing Firma Gebr. Seiler Vilsbiburg
1979-1982 Staatliche Berufsschule for textile employees Muenchberg (technical school)

Career path
1982 Textile refinement Firma Gebr. Seiler Vilsbiburg
1982-1983 department manager dyeing Bruckmuehl Textil GmbH in Bruckmuehl
1983 self-employed insurance agent for Deutscher Lloyd
1983-1987 independent insurance agent for multiple agencies
since 1986 independently in the computer branch first with trade, later with programming

Curriculum vitae
First grown up in Munich-Schwabing later in Munich-Feldmoching I moved after the separation of my parents to my grandparents to Maiersdorf near Velden in Lower Bavaria. Landshut Marriage After the death of my parents, my grandparents became my guardian and I graduated an education as a textile refinement/dyeing at the firm Gebr. Seiler. After the education I exercised this occupation still approx. six months before I became insurance agent for the German Lloyd and later for several companies. Certainly, the occupation as a textile refinement was very interesting, but gradually went more and more proficient bankruptcy or their gates closed. Today there are all companies I have worked for no more existing and also today the companies of my occupational school colleagues do not exist almost any more. I had recognized this development early enough and today I am glad about my decision. Certainly, the sales of insurances were fun to me, but nevertheless the customs in this branch are very rough not to say usually at least immoral or not illegitimately. Already in 1981 I had bought my first computer, a VC20 from source with 3.5 KByte Ram and Datasette as a storage medium, and noticed quickly that computers are very interesting for me. After a C64, shortly Atari ST and Amiga I did from 1986 to gradually my hobby to my occupation. Everything what I know above computer, I have taught me largely. First I earned my buns with the trade, as a however beginning of the 90's the margins more and more road-broken I changed more and more in the area software development, what I also do to this day. Here more about my abilities and my knowledge.

I has a whole row of Hobbies and interests. Here a listing.
Portrait Juergen Liebenstein
As the first naturally once computer. I also program in my leisure, surf in the Internet, play now and then (dearest simulations and mental games) and build my PCs, however my love is still the Amiga. In addition you get more information about that, here, here and here;-).

To film is my second big hobby. I do amateur films and show this on film festivals, I am now and then in the jury, work in our organizations LFVB (Landesverband für Film + Video Bayern e.V.) among other things as the Vice President and youth adviser, BDFA (Bund Deutscher Filmamateure e.V.) and naturally in our Film- and Videoclub Landshut VHS. Besides, I help at the organization of our youth contest 'Jugend filmt', to the regional contest east Bavaria (if it takes place in Landshut), with the Bavarian amateur's film festivals, the German amateur's film festivals and soon also with the world film festivals UNICA 2004 at Veitshoechheim. Besides, I am usually jointly responsible for the videoprojection and the public evaluation. Here more in addition you get to know.

Landshut Marriage
Ford Capri
Once Capri always Capri. Everything has begun with Ford Capri 1.6 GT, construction year 73, 88 PS in 1980. Today these are mainly 2.8 injections which my fascination pull. Besides, I am none of these lovers their cars hidden in the garage, I drive every day with it, assumed they run;-). My friends know what I mean with that. I believe, I have no friend who has not already towed me or had with me an autobreakdown.

Squash / Sport
One must do a little sport, finally for their fitness. Also I play with friends 1 - 2 times squash, just for fun. Apart from that stands now and then swim, tennis or riding bicycle on the schedule, unfortunately recently too rarely. Nevertheless somehow one becomes much more lazy.

Since my youth house tiger counts to my constant companions. Current one is called typically also Tiger and it was born in 1991 in Easter in my bed. This was a beautiful surprise.

Juergen Liebenstein
Watching movies belongs in addition of film making to my hobbies. Really action comedies, how Lethal Weapon (I don't like the German titles) and here particularly part 2 and 4, Terminator II, everything about Star Trek: The Next Generation, Schindler's List, JFK, Mad Max 1 and 2, Das Experiment, however, also series like The Munsters, Al Bundy or Tim Allen's Home Improvement (another silly German title). Favourite actor Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Sandra Bullock.

Here mainly music. In the principle everything from Abba to AC/DC, even if is not particularly far away in the alphabet. But also classic things or 'A hä a hä a häbe habe du' (hard to translate) or so. Favourite group at the moment The Cors (Breathless).

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