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In Memorial Tiger

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  Tiger has died and there has left a big gap. After short heavy decease with a kind of epileptic attacks after their Tiger was less and less able to move. Everything went very, very quick, within 2 days. Also a veterinarian's visit could not help any more. Tiger was born on the 31st March, 1991 shortly after midnight in my bed and he died on the 30th December, 2006 at 3 o'clock in my bed. I will never forget you Tiger, I mourn every day about you.  

Tiger and Juergen are working
Now she has done "it". My cat Tiger has her own area on my homepage and how you see, she was always very closely present with the whole thing and has supervised everything. Tiger is a lady, born in 1991 on Easter Sunday in my bed! I had always a very closed contact with my cats and her mother Putzi slept with me in the bed. When I wanted to pull the blanket rightly, she did all at once "Ooraaar" and I imagined "Heee". Taking a closer look on her, I found out that we had to feed four mouthes more. My cats are out goer, unfortunately from time to time they don't come home and only Tiger remained to me. She has her own cat's door and can come and go when she wants. She is very independent and sometimes she has a very compilcated character, even when cat drying is announced after an excursion in the rain. Tiger at her Favourite Place It becomes really interesting, when she brings play companions like mice, birds or bats under big announcement with her, we have always excelent excitement. Otherwise she is quite crazy on salmon and tuna. Sleeping Tigers don't Scratch
Katze in Profile Cat Portrait
Cat on Monitor Cat Portrait

Published 04/24/2004
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