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Software Development

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Everything started in 1981 with a Commodore VC20, people's computer named, from Trade company Quelle with the series No 0004. At that time for 890 DM one received 1 Mhz and 3.5 KB Ram. The storage medium, the Dataset a small cassette recorder, costs extra. Programs were goods in short supply and so I bought to me a magazine and 2 books with programm listings. I typed this line by line. Besides, there happened naturally mistakes which I had to repair and in addition I had to could make programs. I taught this myself. After the programs ran, I adapted it by own wishes. The next step were own programs. A Black Jack programm and a kind of Superbrain were the first completely own developed programs. Later I changed on the C64. Then after a short phase with an Atari ST came a Commodore Amiga. At that time this was the dream computer and I also have this day an Amiga 2000. In the beginning of the nineties as the margins in the computer branch broke down and I moved my business on the development of software. One of the first PC programs served the postal code changeover in 1993.

Programming also is to this day my principal occupation. I have done my hobby to my occupation and also program to this day a lot in my leisure. It is fun to me simply and I gladly try out new. I look naturally constantly for interesting orders and the attention is not only on the financial aspect, work must also be fun. If you have an interesting project or a real challenge, address me.

About the years I have done an amount of the most different things on the computer. I have divided my qualification and abilities in several areas:

Here I inform qualification about products and languages and how well I control this.

Here more about my abilities you get to know. I believe it is not only importantly which languages one control but also in which areas one has special knowledge.

How much my work costs get to know on this site under fees.

Finally, a few references to projects I have executed. This list raises no claim to completeness.

For the programmers among you there is a download area. Here I publish routines and small programs for other programmers can be useful. This section I in future constantly extends.

Published 11/26/2002
Last update 11/26/2002
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