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Project Product Company Year
Diskettes archiving for the C64 6502 Assembler Own sale 1988
Network equipment with service contract 1 server and 3 workstations and connection to Start-Amadeus Novell Netware 3.11 / Microsft Windows 3.1/9X LNT Touristik GmbH 1992-2002
Analysis program, entering of customer's data, assurances, insurances and savings arrangements to the customer advisory service and optimization GFA-Basic for MS-DOS Preuss und Partner 1993
Postleitzahlenumstellung GFA-Basic for MS-DOS and Amiga Own sale and service 1993
Agency administration, entering of customer's data, contracts of insurance, agents and savings arrangements with commission distribution on agent's structures GFA-Basic for MS-DOS Preuss und Partner 1994
Program for the administration and examination of broker's business (Trades) GFA-Basic for MS-DOS H Commodities 1994
Haemowin, program for the administration of patient's data of haemophiliac's sick persons to bend forward monitoring function for bleeding frequencies around stiffening of joints (in co-operation with university clinic Muenster) Microsoft Access 2.0 infotel GmbH / Baxter Deutschland GmbH 1997-1998
Baxter Biotech Budget System, program to the budget test of products of the medicine manufacturer Baxter for completely Europe, incl. special reporting tool and data exchange Microsoft Access 2.0/8.0 (97)/9.0 (2000) infotel GmbH / Baxter Deutschland GmbH 1997-2002
Seminar administration program with customer's administration, scheduling, invoice controlling and quality assurance Microsoft Access 7.0 (95)/8.0 (97) infotel GmbH 1997-2002
Gas projects database for the design and execution of construction measures for new gas connections of the town department Munich Microsoft Access 2.0/8.0 (97) infotel GmbH / Stadtwerke Muenchen 1997-2000
Personnel design database for town department Munich Microsoft Access 2.0 infotel GmbH / Stadtwerke Muenchen 1997
Design, construction and maintenance of a Novell of 3.12 networks for 1 server and 5 Workstations Novell Netware 3.12, Microsft Windows 3.1 and 9x, update to Novell 5.1 Preuss Wirtschaftsberatung AG 1997-2002
Personnel database, personnel design database and database for the processing of assistant-share purchases Microsoft Access 2.0 infotel GmbH / Baxter Deutschland GmbH 1998
IP database for town department Munich for the administration of IP addresses, connection data etc of employee PCs Microsoft Access 8.0 (97) with Oracle database infotel GmbH / Stadtwerke Muenchen 1998
Production costs collection on time basis and export of this data to SAP Microsoft Access 8.0 (97) infotel GmbH / Sueddeutscher Verlag 1998
OPEN Manager, program to the calculation of software-licence expenses in the Microsoft OPEN License system, accessibility to Word, Excel and Outlook, with update via FTP download Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access 8.0 (97) database Schaeffler und Partner / Microsoft GmbH 1999
European OPEN Positions, web data bank to the European-wide collection of open positions Active Server Pages (ASP) and MS Access 9.0 (2000) database infotel GmbH / Baxter Deutschland GmbH 2000-2002
Conference room administration, on-line booking system for conference room incl. costs and data delivery to Word MS Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML-Pages with JavaScript and MS SQL Server 2000 database Stadtwerke Muenchen 2002
Car rental, online booking system for proficient vehicles incl. expenses (of half day, day, to weekend-overall and month-overall) with vehicle types Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML-Pages with JavaScript and MS SQL Server 2000 database Stadtwerke Muenchen 2002
Reporting tool, to the business sales numbers and to the calculation of employee's commissions MS Access 9.0 (2000) with import from Adabas The Phonehouse 2002
Database program to manage parts of Kommandit company
Update from MS-Dos to Win32-Program incl. account booking, reporting, data export to MS Word and MS Excel, refreshing and updating via Internet and FTP documenten management System, provision bookings with structur
GFA-Basic für Win32 Kapital Plus GmbH 2003-2007
Employee database, database for internal informations on employees MS Access 9.0 (2000) database Baxter Deutschland GmbH 2005
Forums Page HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL Forums Page 2006
Online business register with online registration, online shop, newsletter HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL Online-Branchenbuch 2004-2007
Videos of Places of interest in and arround of Munich for a PDA for hotel guests
Creation of 24 videos of places of interest in and arround Munich with an approx. length of 3 minutes for a PDA, this will be hand out to hotel guest as a kind of city guide.
miniDV-Videos, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 2007
Creation of website and shop system for Fan Point GmbH München inkl. foto shooting of articles and post production HTML, JavaScript, PHP MySQL Fan Point Muenchen 2014

On the following website there are also the programming stuff created from myself:

As well as a big number of other smaller projects (to 15-day project duration) and trainings since 1990

Many of these projects were examined for a longer period (several years) with updates and adaptations. If 2 firms are listed, the 2nd firm is the real principal and the order was executed by the 1st firm, for which I was active.

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