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Report about Totale Eclipse

Sun, Moon and Stars

Deutsche Version

  Animation Shadow Sun partly covered Sun partly covered Sun partly covered Way of Shadow Munich Sendlinger Tor Munich Spectators Viewpoint Grünbach  
The Report about Totale Eclipse "Sun, Moon and Stars" via YouTube

This video is available via YouTube

On the YouTube Page you will find on the "information to the video" the whole translation of the commentary.

You can watch my channel on youtube on LiebensteinMovies
Recorded during the totale eclipse in Bavaria at 11th August 1999 between 10 and 15 o'clock at the locations Grünbach, Gündlkofen and Munich Sendlinger Gate.
Edited   December 1999 to February 2000
Format   VHS and S-VHS
Length   9 Min.
Category   Report
Camera   Jürgen Liebenstein
Martin Wolfram
Heinz Gebhardt
Julia Braun
Music   Riverdance - Reel Around The Sun
Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
Star Trek
Mad Max II - Journey over the Mountain
Commentary   Jürgen Liebenstein
Animations   PC, Jürgen Liebenstein
Edited and directed   Jürgen Liebenstein
Price Picture Festival
3rd Price   County Festival Pocking 2007
Special Videographie Special Videographie Bavarian Film and Video Festival in Straubing 2000
Bronce Medal Bronce Medal Federal Contest Report Wetzlar 2000
The report shows the totale eclipse of 11th August 1999. First the movie shows with computer animations how a totale eclipse will occur. Than you will see the first pictures of the partly covered sun. Than animations and pictures showing the way of the main shadow. Now the movie shows on the locations in Grünbach with view in direction to the west to the airport Munich and in Grünbach in direction to the east over the A 92 to Landshut and in Munich on Sendlinger Gate the Shadows. 5 camera men with 8 cameras were during the important 3 minutes of the totale eclipse on work. The movie is assembled with a commentary and much good music. At the end you see during end titles the slowly uncovered sun.

On the YouTube Page you will find on the "information to the video" the whole translation of the commentary.
  Location Gündlkofen Totale eclipse Munich Sendlinger Gate Totale eclipse Location Grünbach Location Grünbach Location Gündlkofen Sun partly covered Sun partly covered  

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