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Music Video of European Championship of Dancing Sport 2006


on 'Music' of John Miles

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The new music video "MusIIG" on 'Music' of John Miles via YouTube

This video is available via YouTube

You can watch my channel on youtube on LiebensteinMovies
Recorded on
38. European Championship in Guard- and Showdance at 27. and 28. of May 2006 in the Eskara in Essenbach
cuted and edited   December 2007
from approx. 11 hours original material
Format   miniDV
Length   7 Min.
Category   Music video
Camera   Martin Kochloefl
Jürgen Liebenstein
Music   Music, John Miles
Cutting and Director   Jürgen Liebenstein
We thank with
IIG Internationale Interessengemeinschaft für Tanzsport e.V.
and the President
Hans Pfeiffer

and with Organizer
and the President
Joachim Ladiges

for supporting us
Price Contest
2. Price Club Contest FVC Landshut 'O-Tone' 2007
1. Price
Best Movie of Festival
Special Price of Main Mayor of Straubing for Best Movie of Festival
County Movie Festival in Straubing 2008
The music video shows spectacular Dancing Sport Scenes of European Championship of guard dance and show dance of the IIG fast cutted to the song "Music" from John Miles. The International Interessts Association of Dancing Sport e.V. shows in May 2006 in the Eskara in Essebach, Bayern the 38. European Championship. Organisator was the club Power Style Dancers under chief organisator Joachim Ladiges. Martin Kochloefl and Juergen Liebenstein recorded the tow days tournament, which contains in juniors day on Saturday (up to 15 years) and seniors day on Sunday. Cut, selcting of scenes and selecting of Music was done by Juergen Liebenstein.

Noone of the dancers and groups has originally danced to 'Music' from John Miles and no scene is digitaly edited in the speed. This year the Bavarian Tournament will happen at the 26th of April again in Eskara in Essenbach near Landshut.
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