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24 Videos about Places of Interest in and arround Munich

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  Allianz Arena Allianz Arena Alte Pinakothek Alter Peter Alter Peter Chiemsee German Museum English Garden English Garden Chinese Tpwer Airport Terminal B Airport Visitors Area Frauenkirche Hofbräuhaus Hofgarten Königsplatz Glyptothek Concentration Camp Dachau Concentration Camp Dachau Leopoldstraße Marienplatz  
recorded and edited   June to August 2007
Format   miniDV
Length   each approx. 3 Min.
in summary ca. 63 Min.
Category   Documentation / Music Video
I have created 24 short videos with music in background, which shows places of interest in and arround Munich. These movies are for a PDA, which is created from Topexpert GmbH. This PDAs will be handed out from hotels to their guests and shows Info textes in 8 languages, 360 degree panorama pictures and even short movies about the most important places of interest in and around of Munich. This PDA also contents a GPS-System, which guides you to the places of interest and back to your hotel and you can create a connection to the Internet.

Here is a list of the places of interest, on some there are also the movies existing, click on the links. In brackets you see the length in minutes:seconds:
  • Allianz Arena (8 MB) (1:01)
  • Alte Pinakothek (3:00)
  • Alter Peter (3:08)
  • Chiemsee (3:18)
  • Deutsches Museum (3:04)
  • Englischer Garten (2:42)
  • Flughafen (20 MB) (2:39)
  • Frauenkirche (2:44)
  • Hofbräuhaus (3:19)
  • Hofgarten (18 MB) (2:38)
  • K&uoml;nigsplatz (1:31)
  • Konzentrationslager Dachau (18 MB) (2:27)
  • Leopoldstraße (2:28)
  • Marienplatz (2:49)
  • Maximillianstraße (2:54)
  • Schloß Neuschwanstein (2:48)
  • Schloß Nymphenburg (2:30)
  • Olympiapark (17 MB) (2:20)
  • Residenz und Nationaltheater (1:44)
  • Stachus/Karlsplatz (2:01)
  • Starnberger See (2:16)
  • Theatiner Kirche (3:09)
  • Tierpark (2:52)
  • Viktualienmarkt (2:37)
  Marienplatz Fischbrunnen Maximillianstraße Maximillianstraße Nationaltheater Castle Neuschwanstein Castle Nymphenburg Qlympic park Qlympic park Olympic park Stachus / Karlsplatz Stachus / Karlsplatz Starnberger See Starnberger See Theatinerkirche Tierpark Bird Tierpark Meerkatze Tierpark Lions University Viktualienmarkt  

Published 08/11/2007
Last update 08/11/2007
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