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Haensel und Gretel - Live-Recording of Presentation of Music School Essenbach

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  Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Chorus  
Recorded on
Presentation of Musikschule Essenbach at 17th of December 2006 in Eskara in Essenbach
edited   May and June 2007
Format   miniDV
Length   67 Min.
Category   Live-Recording
Camera   Christl Lukas
Jürgen Liebenstein
Editing   Jürgen Liebenstein
Live-Recording of a presentation on 17th of December 2006 in Eskara in Essenbach. The actors group of people school Essenbach, Music WG of main school Essenbach and the chorus, the ballett ensemble and the instrumentalists of musik school Essenbach showed under leadeing of Birgit Adolf the fary tale Haensel and Gretel in four acts with music of Engelbert Humperdick.
  Small house Speaker Parents Final End  

Published 08/11/2007
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