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The Many Faces of Dancing Sport

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  243 Dances Anne Lipgens Funky Steps Legs Throwing Legs Calypso Pirates Ship Germany Flag Garde TG Merseburg Funky Steps Interview Showtanz La Passion Austria Pair Dance Cups President Hans Pfeiffer Showfunken Fields Showfunken Fields Showfunken Carying  
The new short version "MusIIG" is here for direct viewing via YouTube

This video is available via YouTube

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The Many Faces of Dance Sport - Part 1

The video is in full length but in three parts (YouTube has a limit of 10 minutes) via YouTube available.

This video is available via YouTube

The Many Faces of Dance Sport - Part 2

This video is available via YouTube

The Many Faces of Dance Sport - Part 3

This video is available via YouTube
Recorded on
38. European Championship in Guard- and Showdance at 27. and 28. of May 2006 in the Eskara in Essenbach
cuted and edited   January and February 2007
Format   miniDV
Length   20 Min.
Category   Sport Movie
Camera   Martin Kochloefl
Jürgen Liebenstein
Assisant of Camera   Dana Kochloefl
Title Design   Joachim Ladiges
Music   Music, John Miles
Cutting and Regie   Jürgen Liebenstein
We thank with
IIG Internationale Interessengemeinschaft für Tanzsport e.V.
and the President
Hans Pfeiffer

and with Organizer
and the President
Joachim Ladiges

for supporting us
Price Contest
2. Price
Best Sound Editing
Regional Contest East Bavaria Regensburg 2007
Special Price of the Special Cut Bavarian Movie + Video Festival 2007 Rain
Special Price of the Special Cut
A sport movie about the 28. European Champioship in Guard- and Showdance with mayor plots jump-off, showdance and two fast cutted impression about the dances. Many interviews and dances in spectacular pictures.
  Winner's honour Nicole Sips höchste Wertung Splits Katrin Ambrosi Splits Jumps Hairs Jump-off Breitengüßbach Chairs Teeniecalypso Cowboys und Indianer Training Calypsos Staircase Indianer Tuedern Training Wartenberg Interview Audience Showfunken Pendulum Showfunken Pendulum  

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