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This is the homepage of Juergen Liebenstein

Content Informations about my business as software developer, software trainer and dealer of hardware and software, and additional private informations
Tax office and Tax-Nr. Landshut 132/245/00275
Address Juergen Liebenstein
Street Innere Regensburger Straße 9a
Zip-Code and city 84034 Landshut
Country Germany
Mobile phone (Cellular) +49 176 51888767 (T-O2) Phone calls to the T-D1-Net of T-Mobile could cause in higher fees
Web-Design Juergen Liebenstein
Content Juergen Liebenstein
Web-Hoster Liebenstein Juergen Online Webhosting
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Published 10/06/2002
Last update 22/08/2008
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