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This guest book functioned only by E-Mail, it does not give a online form. If you want to make a entry in this guest book then you have to send here an E-Mail to me with your name and if desired additionally location, E-Mail, homepage, attachments and layout data.
The reasons why this only works by E-Mail are the following:
Carla Ann Liebenstein, Tampa, Florida 11.08.2003 21:36 E-Mail
My name is Carla Ann Liebenstein. I was researching our name and came across your portrait. Which I found very interesting.!
I live in Tampa, Florida. United States. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Father Edward Charles Liebenstein.
Please add my name to your guest book.
Thank You
Carla Ann Liebenstein

Juergen Liebenstein, Landshut 30.12.2002 12:35 E-Mail Homepage
Portrait Juergen Liebenstein So this is now the first entry in my guest book. Here you see already what is possible in such a way, but if someone could be carried out further ideas and it is possible... Now you have to mail and look what happened.

Bye Juergen

Published 12/30/2002
Last update 09/13/2002
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