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Now since 08/30/2004 a second big Spam rollout appears after the first wave last year (see below). I note this in e-mail-back runners who are dispatches to not available mailboxes, then I receive so-called Mail-Delivery-Error-E-Mails. Since 08/30/2004 approx. 900 items, I do not know how many E-Mails reach her address, but I think it are very much. Besides, my domain is abused. The senders have always the address, however, as an account not given names, as for example or These senders are all faked. It is advertised in this this wave primarily to online medicine products. I have also tried this time, to figure out a little bit. Here only one example: E-Mail referred to the domain This domain was registered on a Becky Townsend in Denmark. The given phone number began with +49 (Germany), the contact address on the web page was from America and the e-mail address in the registration is Indeed, it is very good that one can online register domains, but such registrations are in my eyes already almost careless. Most of these domains are already closed, in the meantime and no more accessible, the e-mails are dispatched apparently furthermore.

Unfortunately, I am even a victim of these Spam-E-Mails, none of these e-mails were dispatched by me or about our web servers or computers. I would like to apologize, nevertheless, to all which have received Spam-E-Mails with in the sender for the incommodities.

Since yesterday Friday, 09/12/2003 since possibly 9:00 o'clock there are it seemingly problems with spam mails which have an e-mail address with varying names and the domain part as a sender. I have noted this, because I receive since this date many e-mails with the tip "delivery not possible, because e-mail address not existing". During the first day approx. 40 e-mails with tips to not existing. All these e-mails were not dispatches by me, the sender's address is rather faked. I am also a victim of this action in which my Domain is abused for this spam action as a sender's address. The names before "@" are varying, however, never correspond to my really existing post boxes. This problem is also already known with my provider which this problem also concerns. In addition, this also concerns friends, which have Strato homepages.

In the e-mails there is an advertise to Viagra, a picture is contained and when you click to this it refers to different web pages which have, however, all an identical appearance and identical contents. The names of the web pages are, e.g.,,,,,, etc.

always follwed by /host/default.asp&ID=omni

This websites were all registrated on 09/06/2003 for guang zhou, 1799 huang pu rd, guangzhou Guangdong 510735, China, tel: 86 020 82061321, fax: 86 020 82061321, . I have no connections with this person. Unfortunately, I can do nothing against the dispatch of these e-mails, please, excuse the incommodities.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Juergen Liebenstein

P.S. If you have tips to the other clarification of this problem, please inform me about that.

Published 09/13/2003
Last update 27/09/2004
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