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General Information
HTML This homepage was produced mainly in HTML 4.01 with a little CSS implementation. Some sites use server side PHP-Scripts. All layout measures were produced with HTML means and are based on free positioning with percent information without pixel information. Frames it was renounced consciously. This means that you can set favorite on every site. The URLs of the most important sites will not changed. Some sites are pepped up by Java Script a little bit, however function naturally also without.
The side layout is reached mainly by a table how this can function see here at the example of the start site. Here you see the table lines, as well as the numbers, the table existing from 20 columns. The even height of the lines was reached by a dummy graphic in column 1 in blue color. You see this graphic here in white color to demonstrate the technology.
PHP Because I am a programmer and I work much with this programming language and this language is now available on my webserver I will update my websites from time to time with PHP. PHP is a so called server side language. This means that the server answers on request to the same site with different results, depending on the parameters. An example is the PHP-FormMailer. On several places of my website, you can contact me via E-Mail. But it will always be the same website, only in different appearance. The refered website for the german and english section is the same, only with different configuration.
Grafics / Pictures All graphics were taken from clipart collections and were treated. With all pictures it is about own pictures. All graphics and pictures are present in the JPEG format with 24-bit colors and were optimized with regard to the size.
Optimizings On a lot of sites you read 'optimized for ... '. This site is optimized for no special browser, I do not support this nonsens! However, these sites should function with every browser well, because they are based on the HTML specification 4.01. Should you nevertheless find mistake, inform me of this here. Please give information about the type and the version number of your browser.
Resolution The best resolution is 800 x 600, because no fixed positionings should be carried out the site, the site should work well with every resolution.
Colours On account of the pictures it is the best to use 24-bit colors or True-Color. The background, text and link colors were selected from the 256-colors table no color blendings should thereby arise which limit the legibility of the sites. There my graphics adapter had broken gone I know also, that the site is well readable also with 16 colors.
Languages All sites of this homepage are presented in German and English language, besides, the contents are nearly identical. You can switch between the languages at every time. The sites of Saratov are also available in Russian language. This translations was made by Elena Yamchuk.
Cookies This site uses at the moment no Cookies.
Pop Ups Pop Ups are additional windows which automatically opens by the visiting of a site. I regard this as an absolute plague. Therefore, you find on my site naturally no pop Ups.
Advertising No commercial advertisement and no banners are on this site at present. All existing links are only for information and should be no advertisement. If you want to advertise on my site, I have fundamentally nothing against. Simply get in touch with me.
HTML-Editor You wouldn't believe it, but I use a normal text editor to create this homepage. So I have full control about the results. Because I am a programmer, I have no problems with coding.
External Links I don't place a statue text here, that many Internet pages indicate around according to their opinion being legal. All links of this site to external homepages are checked regular on their correctness and lawfulness. With all external links, except the links on the travel reports, the owners of the web pages were asked around their permission. Should owners of an external homepage not agree with the link any more, inform us of this please here.
Internal Links External and internal links are represented in different colors, then you see immediately, if you leave my site. External links are yellow, internal links aqua.
Mail-Links To differ mail links better from the normal links, these are represented in italic writings .
Links to this Homepage Of course you can set links of your homepage to my homepage. Finally the web is based on it. I ask you, however, to inform me about that.
Shortcuts If a letter is represented bold in a link, you can call this link about the keys combination Alt+Key. This is possible only with the Internet Explorer, but in my opinion, this is a meaningful supplement.
Structur of this homepageStructur On this site you see all sites of this homepage in a horizontally tree structure. Besides, here the issue date and the date of the last change of every site is noted. Therefore you have a fast view about changes since your last visit. Here further you can jump to every site directly.
This graphic is on every site on the top left and brings you back to the start side or main side.
Roundtrip If you want to look at all sites of this homepage, there is a roundtrip. Here you follow to the row in all sites of the homepage. This is the first site of this roundtrip.
This graphic is on every site on the top left in the corner. With this link you advance the walk.
The walk you can also be on the decline naturally. Mistake for this link not with the back button of your browser.
I am wrong Sometimes one lands in the web at a place in which one did not want to come, actually, at all. By my E-mail account I know that this happens not seldom with my URL. Hier you get to know more in addition.
Copyright Even if some contemporaries do not want to admit it, also in the Internet the copyright is applies. This site, the layouts, the routines as well as all pictures report to my copyright, unauthorised copying is not tolerated. Should you be interested in contents of this site, step with me in contakt, with me one can talk about everything. With all graphics the rights have been acquired by normal purchase of a clipart collection, however, while copying by guest of the site the copyright is also violated naturally.

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